We are a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer of thin film optical filters that provide optoelectronic component thin film R&D and innovation services.。

YANG EN TECH CO., LTD. was established in 2003 and has been actively devoting to thin film coating foundry services and industrial cooperation between schools and enterprises.
As an OEM/ODM, our team members have many years of experience in optical glass developing and panel manufacturing while participating in multiple renowned projects as well as cooperating with numerous admired companies. 

Our products include thin film coating services that mainly focus on surface treatments for glass which are vacuum coating technique-oriented. The product applications range from 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronics) manufacturing industry to automotive industry, aerospace industry, etc.。


Glass Processing

Cutting, grinding, and drilling are conducted via high precision CNC control systems to ensure the quality and the standard tolerances, while customized services are being provided to meet different requirements and specifications.

Thin Film Coatings

Being equipped with professional thin film optical coating machines, we optimize spectrum design and utilize various materials in different applications based on customer requirements.

Equipment and Facilities

We provide several optical equipment types and different systems which can be customized in terms of software in different fields.



  • YANG EN TECH CO., LTD. Established


  • Launch of LED DBR and mass production began


  • Launch of wellness wearable sensors and coatings for ALS and PS


  • Wellness smartwatches mass production began


  • General wellness devices and in-vehicle products. Assist in developments of wellness devices and large-scale mass production began


  • Assist in satellite projects and developments


  • Assist in the developments of special laser products


  • 5 utility model patents and 3 invention patent pending


  • R&D of IR filters and 5G products


  • Goals : Medical sensors, IR filters, Satellite Project