Metrology systems for diamond tools

  • It provides tool angles, widths, radius, tip measurements and the line charts.
  • Measurable types: Radius cutters, small radius cutters (<10um.customized radius), big radius cutter  (customized radius), inner radius cutters, flat cutters, flat/radius cutters, sharp cutters, and half radius cutters.

Measurement methods

1. Choose the power of the objective of 5x/10x/20x/50x/100x and the current applied power of the eyepiece.
2. Choose the tool type. Use the mouse left click to select the tool type.
3. Open the image. Focus the microscope and adjust the light until the image is in-focus.
4. Use the mouse to select the tool flank type based on the tool type. Click the manual measurement or use the mouse right click to start the measurement.


To convert the pixels into the actual sizes, the corrections are required before the measurements. At the same magnification, there are distance widths, tip conversions, and radius conversions modes. If the corrections are not conducted before the measurements, the system will conduct linear corrections to conduct corrections by default.


Output report after the measurements. Enter the customer names, tool specifications, and numbers. Enter the user defined names or the tool No. or click the "Load" button to input the user defined names or the tool No. the have been set.